The book for entrepreneurs and early stage investors


A fresh perspective

A distinct approach

An overview road map

"All too often, when investing in startups,
a lot of easily avoidable mistakes are made."

This book provides a broad yet easy-to-understand introduction to all the key components of a successful partnership between entrepreneurs and investors.

Over 10 years of day in day out experience.

Anthony Brenninkmeijer

Business Angel - Startup coach - Board member - Trainer - Dealguide

By witnessing hundreds of projects up close, I now have a unique perspective.

Risks can never be completely eliminated, but identifying potential pitfalls early on multiplies your chances of success. By establishing mutual trust and addressing potential conflicts immediately, you can avoid problems and lay the foundation for a valuable, lasting partnership.

This book provides easy access to the basics of successful partnerships.

"Because initial good intentions are necessary but usually not sufficient to be and remain successful after the initial handshakes."